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know your guest types

Why should you know your guest type

Egle Silenaite-Enyed
Jun 21, 2018 11:41:40 AM

In order to provide the best service to your guests, you need to know your main guest type or so-called market. It is possible that you have a mixture of these types, however, there is always a major one. Defining your actual market will help you to form your service packages. Guests will feel well cared for and more likely will have a pleasant stay at your establishment. 

So what are the main guest types?

1. Tourists. Tourists can be classified into smaller categories. However, the backpackersmain distinctive feature of this group is travel for sightseeing, recreation or other non-business related reason. Tourists usually are very interested in local culture, cuisine, tours. They heavily rely on hotel recommendations. Backpackers is a distinctive part of tourists. This group is the most price sensitive from all the other guest types.

2. Business travellers. One of the main markets for city hotels and accommodation providers around main transport hubs (airports, train stations and etc.). They are rarely interested in cultural events or sightseeing. Staying at the hotel 2-3 nights and usually just for a sleepover. These travellers prefer quiet environment so the hotel should be prepared in case this is their main market. Also, this guest type requires quite good technologies at the hotel (wi-fi, maybe computer, chargers and etc.).

3. Families. This type of guests usually staying at the hotel during the weekend or national holidays. Hotel, which is targeting families, must be well prepared. Many familyattributes have to be children oriented: starting with a high-chairs at the restaurant and going up to animators or babysitters. Families are also looking for quiet and safe places so you have to have this in mind in case your hotel is well known for stag parties. Be very clear on your website and other sales channels if your hotel is suitable for families.

4. The elders. This group of people are also looking for a quiet place. Might be that they are travelling for rehabilitation purposes or simply want to have a recreational time. What is considered as quiet for families, might still be too noisy for elders. Plus property has to be equipped and ready to accommodate this type of the guest. The staff has to be extra patient and helpful when dealing with senior people.

5. Delegates
. People who are coming for various conventions, exhibitions, conferences. Usually, not the guest himself is choosing a hotel, but rather a company organising an event. delegateIf you would like to focus on this guest type, you have to “sell” your hotel for these companies. They are looking for modern properties where guests could quickly check-in/check-out or deal with other services at the hotel


Doesn’t matter which group you are targeting, you also have to keep in mind that each of those still can be divided into smaller sections. For example domestic and international. Then based on this segmentation, you again need to form your strategies to fulfil requirements of local tourists and international ones. It can take time to find your main guest type. However, you should do it. Only after you picked your main target, you can start marketing your place to the right group of people using correct channels. They all have very different approach ways so if you will try to fit them all - you will end up with failure. The same hotel can’t (or shouldn’t) be focusing on business travellers and families. No side will be happy with this arrangement so you have to distinguish your perfect guest.

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