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hotel online presence

Why online presence is a must?

Egle Silenaite-Enyed
Feb 21, 2018 4:00:47 PM

One of the most popular ways to access the right market is to raise the recognition via branding and online presence. A smart way to represent yourself online can drive not only bigger amount of prospective customers, but income as well. However, many businesses fail in this field because they have a poorly made website or don't have it at all.


Why online presence is so important in hospitality business?

There are several reasons, why virtual visibility is a must. Let me try to name few, which I think are the most important ones:

Make it super easy for guests to find you.

Without listing your property online, you will have a hard time to attract guests. Yes, you might receive reservations with the help of Travel Agencies or loyal customers, but that will not create very high occupancy rates. Being online means being visible at any spot, where the guest might expect to find you: OTAs, Metasearch pages, Social media channels, news, your own website and etc. There are so many possibilities where you can become visible, you just need to appear there.

Being online really helps to present your services to a wide group of people.

Maybe you are focusing on the special market or you have some special services that no one else is providing - once it is online, it will be easy to find for anyone. You can present your services and specialties in a nice and informative way to make sure that target market will “get hooked” and will end up staying at your place.

With help of online presence, you will be able to build new relations and maintain the existing ones.

Now, when everyone is having a social media account of some sort, it became very easy to get in touch with people.  Being online it’s not all just about making sales and getting more guests. It is also about you making new partnerships and getting involved in business news. Make sure to be active in discussion forums, attend relative group meetings and look for possible partnerships.

Strengthen your brand with online presence.

Doesn’t matter if you leave a post on Facebook wall, or share the latest news on Twitter - make sure to be recognised. Being active on social media helps not only to improve your brand awareness but also you become an influencer. Which means you will be visible to more people and all those people are your potential guests!online presenceIn my previous article (Why to use a Property Management System) I asked readers, are they considering themselves as modern hosts. So being online is already one step ahead towards being modern. There is a golden rule - if your customers are online - you should be there too. This rule applies to hospitality business a lot. Your guests can be anyone, who has access to the internet. Don't miss the chance - be visible and be recognisable!

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