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portX accommodation on the water

Behind the scenes: the story of a unique PortX

Egle Silenaite-Enyed
Sep 26, 2019 3:00:00 PM

Finally it's time to share another success story of SabeeApp client. This time it is a unique accommodation place in the heart of Prague, Czechia. Why this place is unique, you might wonder? Lovely Hana Otevřelová agreed to share her story and explain to everyone why PortX is so special.

The Start

In the beginning there was our houseboat built for a client that intended to open a showroom for his top-segment design products. At the same time we would offer to build more houseboats for whoever might be interested. The idea was clear. But then something went wrong and we were left with a great piece of work of great architects which was empty though and was looking for a new life.

After of series of exhibitions and events, we were introduced to the Airbnb concept by one of our close friends and thought it might be a way for us as it forced us to furnish the place and all our potential clients would be able to see the place in its full beauty and imagine what it would feel like to actually live in it. As we intended to offer it not only through Airbnb, we were looking for a solution that would help us manage the rentals, thus Sabee entered the game.

Working on our goals

The path was not always easy - we met some really fantastic guests whose reactions made our days and ensured us that we are doing a right thing. However, we had some guests that did not treat the place as their home and who we would never invite back. Those were mostly people from outside of Airbnb community.

portX interior

Our situation was complicated as we furnished the place with the best stuff including all the small gadgets and design objects that you would normally not meet in a hotel room. Thus not all type of guests are ready to enjoy and respect this. This is our battle. But still those good guests prevail…and thats why we keep up.

Our present

We are still working as a small team - most works lies on me and my husband Lukas. If  only we have a chance, we like to meet our guests. This is our way to get the feeling and keep it all on most personal level possible. Of course its not always easy as throughout the existence of PortX three children joined our team as well. We have had nice people to help us, of course. We try to look forward and make our place and business better all the time. We have invested in some new technologies, new decorations, we try to use the social networks more. There’s definitely still a lot of work ahead. There are still challenges out there… Like Airbnb which was expanded with so many new hosts lately that it’s getting harder and harder to keep up, especially if you’re not willing to compete with the price like others. We have to change our website too. And for sure more to come... Let hope we will fight well. For the time being we still like the work and look forward to what the future brings...

portX accommodation at night

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